Love suffers long

Love suffer long…… God loves us unconditionally, He is always there to deliver us, protect us and guide us. Yet, the world act like He doesn’t exist, we shun His word like its nonsense, we treat the devil like he our best friend and we tell ourselves that we are in control and we can do whatever we want. LOL When things go bad who do we call on? Not the devil. He wants to see you stumble and f…all.  I’ve been reading books Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and Lamentations and as I read them it just make me feel so bad how God had shown them so much love and they(the world) turn around and spit on Him. That infuriates God and He wouldnt stand for it. God had to show His wrath and let them know who HE IS. This still spiting on God still continues to this very day and He’ll continue to show His wrath until we learn to appreciate Him and accept as Him as authority over our lives and live by His word. This world we live in is full of demons that can bring us down and kill us, yet God has kept us because He love us so much. When I say love suffer long, I mean God is love. Love is strong and powerful and should not be toyed with.

3 thoughts on “Love suffers long

  1. Read Isaiah 17 and realize that God’s chosen disappoint him inevitably. But He remembers His covenant and He realizes a child in the faith must be cut some slack. Doesn’t any father do this as he chuckles at the level of comprehension of his little one. But He does not ridicule or condemn if He is in fact Love (1John 4). Remember Peter at the beach after the resurrection? Jesus was saying to him “Yeah, but do you love me now? Forget what’s past.”

    • Its interesting that you bring this up. I recently read Psalm 78 and this scripture stuck out to me (Psalm 78:39) 39 For He remembered that they were but flesh, A breath that passes away and does not come again.

      We don’t have the great understanding as God and like children we will make mistakes or do things that are infuriating to the Lord.In regards to the mentioned books above, God had brought the people out from their enemies and given them all they could ever need, but they got beside themselves and took God for granted even after receiving warnings of their wrong doing. So God had to show them who they are and who He is. In the books Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and Lamentations we can learn a lot about our own actions and God’s anger and wrath. Though capable, God doesn’t just flat out ridicule or condemn on the spot, but He does correct us in many ways because He loves us. If God didn’t love us, He would just allow us to suffer in our ways and live with demons that we deal with.

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