Feeling the loneliness while walking the path to everlasting life

I walk a path full of flowers and beauty with every step I take bringing me closer to wonderous things. The further I walk the more lonely I become. I look back and see that I have strayed from the group who were following the other path. I want to turn back, but what is ahead of me is so wonderful and I don’t think I know the way back.  I hear a great voice call ahead of me “don’t look back!” As I… faintly hear behind me ” where are you going? You done lost your mind.” I continue to walk, but I walk more slowly with every step looking behind my shoulder thinking should I go back? This path I’m taking is lonely, but I know I’m not alone because life surrounds me and leads me. Oh what beauty before me! If only those who were with me on that old path were walking with me on this new path. That old path was so predictable, dusty and full of thorns. This new path has opened my eyes and showed me that the path I used to follow was just a shortcut to death. The new path that I’m following is to everlasting life.

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