The Light in the darkness

I want to get closer to that light that is peeking at me in all this darkness. I want that light to brighten this place. I need to see where I’m going, but I can’t because I keep stumbling in the dark. I keep feeling things in the dark that I don’t want to feel. I’ve ran into too many walls, ran into images I can’t see and had to wrestle of few of them off, I’ve fallen into holes and struggled to get out. A few times I thought I was being buried alive. I’ve walked into too many cobwebs and and spent hours removing the webbing off of me. For everything that has happen in this darkness that light peeks at me has allows appeared on me when in trouble. When I ran into a wall the Light directed me away from it, when I ran into images the Light scared the image away, when I’ve fallen into a hole the Light showed me where and how to climb out, and when I was covered in cobweb the Light melted the webbing away. The Light that peeks at me has done so much for me and opened my eyes to this darkness. I’m sick and tired of all this darkness and its all around me. I can’t stand the sounds of the darkness, the petty chatter that goes on about nonsense and complaints of the Light presence. I can’t stand the feeling of the darkness, it makes me feel sick, crazy, and uncomfortable. I’ve dealt with it far too long. I can’t stand the smell of the darkness, my nostrils are always tingling and I sneeze. I can’t stand the taste of the rancid darkness. My tongue burns and vomit every time I have a bite. I can’t stand the sight of the darkness in the way that I can’t see anything, but what the Light has shown me. The Light has opened my eyes and I want to get closer to it. I walk, climb, and stumble my way to the Light through the darkness. Ever inch I make closer to the Light it comes so much brighter and clearer to see. I don’t have to stay in this darkness not matter how much the darkness wants me to sit in fear as it taunts me. The Light is the only happiness I’ve experienced and the more closer I get to it the more I can stand up with my head held high. I’m sick of this darkness! Oh Light that shines so brightly at me come rescue me from these shadows that pins me down. I want to be where You are oh dear, Light!  I want to be strong like You and scare off images, I want to be warm like You and melt cobwebs, I want to shine like You and change the course of direction and help others to climb out of holes. Oh Light that peekss at me and has helped every step of the way, what is it like where You are? Are there images, cobwebs, and holes where You are? Why would I ask that? I know they are not. You have defended me from all of these things in the darkness. Oh Light that shines so bright I reach my hand to You. Pull me up to where You are. The things in the darkness know that i’m going to You and they are trying to turn me around and pin me down again. Light that illuminates the darkness around me I call to You brighten this place and rid of all the darkenss and the things to walk among it. Come and move into this place oh Light make it Your 2nd home. Add this place and connect it to Your home of where You are oh dear Light. Shine! Illuminate! Glisten! Oh dear Light, I scream in praise and celebration! Come and be with me and shine forever more!   

(John 8:12) 12 Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”

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