Feeling spiritually dry and confused

Ever feel like something is off or not in alignment with your life? I do. I just feel like something is wrong either with me or in my life. My mind is distracted by things I really can’t change in my life right now. Things that could or will happen later in the future. I’m wondering if what I’m distracted by should even be a concern or if it really is a major concern and I’m just using the fact that I should only be concerned and focused on God as an excuse. Basically an excuse out of fear of actually doing something about my “distractions”?  I’ve been praying, but prayers are not as coherent as they usually are. I think I’ve become so distracted that I allowed myself to worry and lose the big picture thats in front of me. I keep asking God to show me or tell me something, but I have no clue what God should be telling me and if He has told me anything at all. I kinda feel like I need a spiritual awakening. Like my spirit went into hibernation while my mind and body was focused on school and other task I had going on the past 3 months. As I type this I believe I’m coming to the realization that I’m going through a dry moment (Ezekiel 37).   Its really something though. I slowly felt this way as the few months pass, but coming home for the holidays has really added to this out of alignment feeling. The “distractions” running through my head  that I really have no control over, but all I can do is trust God in ever situation and follow hard after Him. Its time to make a change and get realigned with what God has in store for me. Maybe this is God trying to get my attention. Whatever this feeling I’m having, I just give it all to God and let Him reopen my heart, soul, eyes, ears, and mind unto Him and the words of my mouth be of His Holy words in Jesus name, Amen!

2 thoughts on “Feeling spiritually dry and confused

  1. How are you going in this? Breakthrough yet?
    I also feel like I am in a similar season. Something isn’t right and I’m not entirely sure what it is – yet God is Good. Every time I try and communicate to him I get a mixture of his word, and the enemy trying to throw things infront of me. Writing this, I am getting the understanding that praying to God and receiving is something immaculate that the enemy wishes to steal from us. Anything he can do to influence us he will do. Yet it is unsure to me how he got it this time. Maybe through the feelings surrounding me that try to overwhelm.

    I’m trying to find a psalm or excerpt in scripture that talks about feeling mixed when in prayer. Receiving from God, but potentially under delusion. I just feel like something is messing with my mind currently.

    Yet it is his character to bring Peace and Understanding.

    He has given us gifts that we must stir up. Stir them up under the protection of God himself – using them in operation within his will… and he has given us a spirit of power, love and sound mind.

    God please put my thoughts together. Amen.

    Good post.

    • Things seemed to have picked back up for me spiritually. I felt quite moved lately and finding that God has been speaking to me. I was pretty much confused because the messages I was receiving, a lot like your’s not making much sense to me. They were either reminders that God is faithful or possibly to prepare me for something ahead. Seemingly the messages didn’t seem to make sense to me, but I definitely feel that God is preparing for the “storm” ahead. Whatever that may be????? I have awaken from a spiritual slumber and now getting reconnected with being close to God and I’m working on me personally after dealing with a stressful quarter and making this new quarter work out for me with God leading the way. I pray that God does open your eyes, ears, heart, mind and soul and remove any confusion that you feel in regards to what He is speaking to you. I do believe in what you said about the enemy trying to steal from us. The enemy will try to interfer as much as possible even now when God voice just doesn’t seem coherent right now. We have to decipher who’s voice is who’s and listened closely to what God says.

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