Drawing in the spirit- Priorities

drawing in spirit

About 3 weeks ago I attended a prayer meeting and we discussed various things. As we sat and discussed something was said that triggered a thought, a vision in my mind. The longer I sat and listened onto the discussion the more the images start to become clear to me and I gained an understanding. I had this great urge to share it with my fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ so I got up from my seat, pick up the chalk and drew. I began to explain the drawings from my inderstanding and sat down. The sooner I sat down I got back up and drew the last part of the drawing. The picture starts with the middle image then the one to the right and then the final drawing on the left. Now at this point of having the picture of the drawings I felt needed to make the images much more clearer and share them with everyone else. So here is a powerpoint of what I drew in the spirit.


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