Hi! Welcome to Living in Righteousness. This blog is for thoughts and words of encouragement that have been sent by the Holy Spirit through my every day life. Feel free to browse through as I have written on many subjects.

This blog was created to spread the word of God. Along in my own personal journey of becoming a Born again Christian, I became closer to the Lord through reading the bible regularly, praising God, making changes in my life, and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to me. As I began paying attention and listening to what God was speaking to me I began creating post on my Facebook page to just express myself. The more I grew in my spirituality the more I expressed myself on my Facebook page. The more I expressed myself the more replies I received from others making me realize that my expression of self was actually a form of ministry. After a while of making many post on Facebook I slowly stopped making post and came to realize that reaching people of Facebook is good, but I don’t think I’m reaching enough people or the people who need it the most. While sitting in church it came to me to create a Christian blog and so begins the beginnings of Living in Righteousness.

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