Who I am in God

I just woke up from a interesting, yet amazing dream. I’m not going to go into details about my dream because I believe God wants me to act it out rather than tell it. I definitely say that when I woke up (alarm went off, lol I like to snooze though) I laid in my bed with this crazy look on my face like “what?” “Did I just do that in my dream?” I can tell you it was AWESOME! God showed me that as His child I have authority in Him to do great works. The key thing about is that everyone as a Child of God has authority in Him, the problem is that many of us don’t allow ourselves to have that authority. Continuing on…. so after replaying the dream in my head and gaining an understanding of it, I got out of bed and rebuked the devil for the liar that he is and spoke the Truth: I HAVE AUTHORITY IN JESUS CHRIST. I AM A CHILD OF GOD, MADE IN His IMAGE, NOT yOURS. FEAR ME! I AM A CHILD OF GOD, FEAR ME. FEAR ALL OF GOD’S CHILDREN. WE ARE CREATED IN His IMAGE, FEAR US! GOD IS SO MUCH GREATER, FEAR His CHILDREN! WATCH OUT devil BECAUSE WE ARE COMING! COMING STRONG, FEAR US. You may have won the battle by intervening (refering back to Ain’t no need to worry- Anita Baker and The Winans), but the war is not over. GOD WILL MAKE A WAY. HE IS GOING TO TURN IT BACK AROUND ON you. GOD’S PLAN ALWAYS PREVAILS. FEAR US! We have been fighting a war for a long time. The war of souls. you may have taken many, but oh GOD’S CHILDREN, FEAR US! God can awaken 1 child and you could have taken 100, but that 1 child that God has awaken CAN DEFEAT THE 100 you STOLE. THAT HOW GREAT GOD IS. His 1 can defeat your stolen 100. Wooooo! Jesus! Boy, I tell you I laughed after I said that. God is just that Great and Powerful. Mm mm mmm. Hallelujah! Hey, ya’ll Satan mad, you think I care. Boop!  


Father, Father, Father, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Holy…..

I was just sitting here thinking, does God ever get annoyed with His children? I don’t mean by our heathenish ways “oh Lord, help me get through and I’ll… and I’ll never…..again.” Calling upon Him when we only want or need something, but calling upon Him because we want His attention. Think about a little child with his/her parent constantly “daddy, daddy” or “mommy, mommy” and the child tugging at their parent for attention. We all know after some point the parent gets annoyed and tends to the child. I was wondering if God gets annoyed because I called upon Him right before I went to sleep last night and all wanted was to have more of Him. 🙂

Family guy- Stewie getting Lois’ attention

He ain’t nothing

I read a statement that said “Most men would’ve left & felt no need to stick around but he hasn’t given up just yet” and also I realized that I made a statement yesterday about how men are mentally immature and take longer than women to mature and get serious about things. I started thinking about it and I came to realize that we, women don’t give men the credit they deserve and if we do give them credit it is always one particular that we view as if he is an exception. As a society we have accepted the fact that because a few men have made mistakes or wronged others that if those few men are like that then all men are like that. The truth is not all men are like that. We have accepted this idea to the point that its engraved in us. We hear as children, we talk bad about men to one another and say these things to our own children and who grow up doing and saying the same thing. Boys hear “oh he ain’t no good.” “You lil’ player aren’t you? and etc. Girls hears “he ain’t no good.” ” he is nothing, but a dawg. and etc. The more we say and hear these things the more we believe and do it. We have to uplift our men and future men of this world and stop putting men down and negatively generalizing them. Same goes to men about women as well. Don’t negatively generalize women based on a few women who have made mistakes or wronged others. We all have to have positive thinking about one another and give each other credit for all that we do. Without man, woman wouldn’t be here. Without a particular man we wouldn’t have a renewed life. I want to take the moment to say thank You, God for putting men on this earth and creating man different and special in their own way. Also thank You for taking the time to make us women comparable to them.

(Proverbs 22:6) 6 Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.