God has smiled on me- Mary Mary

God has been too good to me. He woke me up several times this morning (because I like to snooze), but the final time that he woke me up I was dreaming and in my dream I felt like something was blowing their breathe in my face and l heard it as well! It started to get warm and I felt like something, a hand, was resting on my head. It woke me up and I could still feel the warmt of the air on my forehead, hear it blowing, and the light pressure of like a hand resting on my head. I turned over and was like God woke me up with His breathe. LOL Then I began to get ready for church and had music playing. The song that was playing on the tv station was “God has smiled on me” by Mary Mary.  Then I finish getting ready and finally get to church. At church during tithes and offering the choir sung  the same exact song,”God has smiled on me”. Then after that the sermon began and as I was sitting, listening to the sermon I heard the Pastor say “Sister Ashlee”. I didn’t think much of it because I knew there was someone on staff that worked in the church named Ashley. Then as the Pastor continued on his message seemed to fit with all the things that I’ve been experiencing lately and again he said “God’s going to open the gates, Sister Ashlee”. Thats when I realized that the Pastor wasn’t speaking to the staff member as to get confirmation, but the Holy Spirit was speaking through him telling ME, SPEAKING TO ME don’t limit what God can do. Trust in Him and allow Him to use me. Wow! God is amazing. I realize that though I know He is amazing I don’t give Him the full credit that He is a God of His word. I just have to trust Him more and BELIEVE that He will do as He says. Change of heart should also mean change of attitude. God has brought me through so much and He will continue to do so.

Romans 8:28

Romans 8:28

Romans 8:28

I have ben seeing this everywhere. I truly believe in this and believe that when you are called to do something in the name of Jesus it because you love God and you listen closely enough to Him so that He can bless you. Though, the more and more I see this scripture, the more I find myself believing there is something deeper than this. Lord, I’m listening. What is my purpose you have called upon me? I wait patiently for You, oh Lord. I shall wait.

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He ain’t nothing

I read a statement that said “Most men would’ve left & felt no need to stick around but he hasn’t given up just yet” and also I realized that I made a statement yesterday about how men are mentally immature and take longer than women to mature and get serious about things. I started thinking about it and I came to realize that we, women don’t give men the credit they deserve and if we do give them credit it is always one particular that we view as if he is an exception. As a society we have accepted the fact that because a few men have made mistakes or wronged others that if those few men are like that then all men are like that. The truth is not all men are like that. We have accepted this idea to the point that its engraved in us. We hear as children, we talk bad about men to one another and say these things to our own children and who grow up doing and saying the same thing. Boys hear “oh he ain’t no good.” “You lil’ player aren’t you? and etc. Girls hears “he ain’t no good.” ” he is nothing, but a dawg. and etc. The more we say and hear these things the more we believe and do it. We have to uplift our men and future men of this world and stop putting men down and negatively generalizing them. Same goes to men about women as well. Don’t negatively generalize women based on a few women who have made mistakes or wronged others. We all have to have positive thinking about one another and give each other credit for all that we do. Without man, woman wouldn’t be here. Without a particular man we wouldn’t have a renewed life. I want to take the moment to say thank You, God for putting men on this earth and creating man different and special in their own way. Also thank You for taking the time to make us women comparable to them.

(Proverbs 22:6) 6 Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.