It’s my 2nd rebirthday!!!!

In remembrance of the day the very moment I accepted the FULL Trinity in and over my life I celebrate with this song. This spirit baby is growing up! Thank You Lord for loving me and having favor in me!


Its my rebirthday! I give myself away- William McDowell

Today I am 1 year spiritually old. Like a baby I have learned who my Father is and the rest of my family the Son and Holy Spirit. My crying (communication) is my prayers. I slowly learned to talk in faith and walk in faith. Like a baby I’ve tried to imitate my Father and do as He does. When I’ve misbehaved He corrected my behavior and continued to love me. My lullabies are gospel music. The bible is my food. I started out with a few scriptures and progressed to several chapters at a time. My day care is church and fellowship meetings with fellow Christians. I slowly came to self awareness that I am a born again Christian. Now I’m learning self identity in Christ. I am my Father’s daughter. I’ve grown so fast in my spirituality and will continue growing in Jesus name. I will celebrate my rebirth today by continuing to live as a living sacrifice to my Father and saying thank You, Father for another day. All honor, praise and glory to You. May Your will be done in my life now and forever. In Jesus name. Amen! Happy 1st rebirthday to me!